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Loving care for your pet is more than a slogan for us, it is the guideline for how we want your pet to be taken care of with us. With a lot of love, experience and enthusiasm we take care of your dog and cat, even if it needs extra care and attention, we would like to hear your personal wishes.

We understand very well that it is quite difficult to accommodate your beloved pet if it cannot travel with you. We therefore think it is important to make time in advance and to give a tour by appointment. You can then see for yourself whether our pet boarding meets your wishes, so that you can go on holiday with a good feeling. We maintain contact with customers who wish to do so via whats app about their pet’s stay. After all, you can only fully enjoy your well-deserved holiday if you know that your pet is well cared for and is having a good time.

With us, the dogs go together in a kennel and in small groups on the playing fields that are carefully put together by us. The dogs must in any case be social and can be in a group with males and bitches, therefore we cannot accept all dogs / breeds. In addition, we look for a suitable partner for each dog based on age, equal size, breed, characters, etc. You can also contact us for care of your pet by age.

For the cats there is a nice playful living room with enough possibilities for your cat to conquer a nice place. There is also a large outdoor terrace.

Besides the normal care it is possible with us to book extra things for the dogs. You should think of extra walks, activities, wellness or other matters that you as an owner find important in the daily care of your dog.

We work with a number of permanent employees who are fully qualified for this, and during the school holidays extra with part-timers who follow the training and where animal love flows through the veins.

It is a real responsibility to take care of someone else’s pet, we consider it a great honor that people entrust their beloved pet to us and will do everything we can to make it a loving shelter.

Gonny & Alberto Bemelen and the team of Dierenpension Ingen


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Voor honden zijn wij volgeboekt tot 18 augustus.

Voor katten zijn wij volgeboekt van 20 juli tot 18 augustus.

In de schoolvakanties nemen wij geen nieuwe klanten meer aan.